English Willow Bats

Art No : MB-EWB-2604

Grade 4 English Willow with an Natural finish (No Anti scuff), and fibre taped edges.

Kronus is the blade for any batsman looking to dominate the opposition.

Deceptive, beautiful and crafted to provide a double profile, 

it holds a hidden destructive power which makes it an all devouring force at the crease.

Profile: An innovative double profile combines lightweight performance from a full blade profile.

Handle: Finest 12 Piece Cane for maximum feel throughout the blade.

Handle Shape: oval handle for comfort and complete control.

Bow: Mid to Low blade bow.

Strike Zone: Mid to Low blade sweet spot, ideally suited to the front foot player.

Edge: Imposing edge from the innovatice double profile

Grip: Zone Pro grip improves feel and touch through the shot.

Weight: 2.7- 2.12

Size: Pcs

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